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Why Starting Botox Earlier Than Later Is Beneficial

Most people wait until they start to see wrinkles before they seek Botox treatment, but preventative treatment uses Botox to treat wrinkles before they emerge. By injecting the muscles that typically cause wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows with Botox before they start to develop wrinkles, you are essentially preventing them before they happen. The Botox slows down the use of those muscles, preventing lines from developing (or at least delaying the development of the lines). One of the most common places for preventative Botox is to the forehead and glabellar area (lines between the brows). Preventative Botox can prevent deep lines, which can make you look older and tired and are harder to treat once they develop Again, there’s no hard and fast rule about when you should start Botox, but earlier than your mid-20s is probably too early. Certain wrinkles are often genetic, so once you start noticing fine lines that mimic what you see in your older relatives, you might seek treatment. An aesthetic provider can usually tell if you need preventative Botox simply by looking at your face. If you purse your lips, furrow your brow, or your face is in a permanent frown, they can identify the areas to inject. This helps train your facial muscles to no longer fall into that habit, preventing the formation of deeper or more noticeable wrinkles. Effects typically last about three to four months, but if you’re starting in your 20s or 30s you may be able to space out treatments to once or twice a year. The nice thing about preventative Botox is that it helps keep the muscle weak which means you do not need as much Botox the older you get. Your Botox will last longer and you'll need fewer treatments, as it doesn’t last forever, especially if it’s effective in preventing your wrinkles. Effects typically last about three to four months, but if you’re starting in your 20s or 30s you may be able to space out treatments to once or twice a year. The cost of each treatment can range anywhere from several hundred dollars to upward of $1,000. Prices depend on how many areas of the face are being treated and how much product is needed. As with traditional injections, preventive use will require continued maintenance. Although I can’t give you a definitive age when to start Botox, I hope this gives you a better understanding of who preventative Botox can work for and when it’s a good idea. If you want to learn more or see if you’re a good candidate for Botox, get in touch today to schedule a free consultation.

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